ClusterSeven Enterprise Spreadsheet Manager (ESM)

ClusterSeven ESM supports governance processes for assessing and reducing end user computing (EUC) and Excel risk. It does this by enabling you to streamline the process of managing change and lifecycle management of the Excel spreadsheets in use across your organization.

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How it works

Users register their Excel spreadsheets to ESM. Without installing additional software on file servers or in Excel files, ESM non-intrusively monitors changes made to the spreadsheets, leaving user productivity unaffected.

The ESM Application Server analyzes and records the Excel spreadsheet changes — even when folders or files get renamed — quickly detecting anomalous behaviour. If anomalies are detected, ESM generates exception reports and alerts to provide early warning and enable a rapid, targeted response.

Meeting your changing needs

ESM is highly configurable to meet the specific needs of your business. For example, monitoring of changes to spreadsheets can take place automatically, when users hit Save in Excel, or when they actively submit a new version for comparison.

As your needs evolve, ESM can be reconfigured to keep pace. So you could start out by using ESM to monitor only structural changes to Excel spreadsheets, and gradually transition to a more fine-grained model — for example, using ESM to help you manage the review and sign-off process for critical cells in high-risk spreadsheets, and provide the documentary evidence required for SOX compliance.

Once you have your Excel spreadsheets under control, ESM can help you understand the spreadsheet lifecycle and identify candidates for retirement and replacement with more robust IT systems.

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ESM supports the complete spreadsheet management lifecycle

  • Understanding your current state (eDiscovery and Risk Assessment)
  • Applying a control framework (Security, Monitoring and Alerting)
  • Spreadsheet Retirement and Replacement with more Robust Systems
  • Enhanced productivity and insights into historical data

ClusterSeven delivering Certainty

  • Proven delivery track record
  • Speed of deployment
  • Referencebility
  • Ease of implementation