Join ClusterSeven in this webinar to discuss our new Partner Program. The webinar will focus on new business accelerators for client adoption, methods for increasing revenue through ClusterSeven and showcase our new cloud based spreadsheet management solution (CSM).

In this webinar, taking place on 16th November 2pm GMT | 6am PST | 9am EST, you will learn about:

  • ClusterSeven’s Partner Program, Partner Portal and referral process,
  • How to use our new Cloud solution (CSM) to:
    • Create Risk Awareness as a prospecting / business development process,
    • Create or augment existing Remediation / Model Assurance processes,
  • End User Computing and Inventory Management.


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Let's talk about how ClusterSeven can increase transparency and control around your spreadsheets and give you confidence in your business critical processes and the accuracy of your data empowering you to make informed business decisions.

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