End User Computing (EUC) application risk has prevailed ever since the advent of tools such as Access databases, Excel spreadsheets and any other applications that put the design of system-based processes in the hands of the ‘average’ user. Overtime, these tools have become critical to many financial and business operations and some of their advantages (flexibility, ease of amendment, etc.) have actually started posing risks to the businesses that so heavily rely on them.
Technology to stay ahead

ClusterSeven’s unique solutions help you simplify EUC risk management. We provide the tools to easily identify and catogorise critical Excel spreadsheets in your organization that might contain errors and inaccuracies, and then monitor them to see when changes are made and what those changes are.

Because your organization’s data is automatically validated by our solutions, you can be sure that data is always accurate, giving you confidence and assurance in the decisions you make. With ClusterSeven, Excel spreadsheet risk is made painless, allowing you to model and mitigate risk in your organization and provide transparency to customers and shareholders, without wasting time and money.

ClusterSeven delivering Certainty

  • Proven delivery track record – all our customers go-live on time, on budget
  • Speed of deployment – we can deploy in 10-15 days based on requirements
  • Referencebility – we have over 30 customers in 20 countries across 5 continents
  • Ease of implementation – we ensure minimal disruption to BAU activity

*EUC stands for end user computing, and is synonymous with end-user developed applications (EUDA), user tools (UT), user applications (UA) and user-developed tools (UDT)

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ClusterSeven delivering Certainty

  • Proven delivery track record
  • Speed of deployment
  • Referencebility
  • Ease of implementation

ClusterSeven reducing exposure to risk

  • Regulatory
  • Operational
  • Financial
  • Reputational