Asset managers are coming under increased scrutiny from regulators and auditors to provide transparency into the Excel spreadsheets and other EUC* applications that the business relies on. Our unique solutions make identifying EUC applications which present a risk to your organization an effective, efficient and simple exercise, so you can mitigate EUC risk before it becomes a problem.

Taking control of End User Computing

Additionally, once an EUC application is identified as critical to your business, you can track changes made to that application in near-real time. Our solutions make it easy for staff to maintain an up-to-date inventory of their EUC applications and provide transparency around their usage, in order to to comply with internal EUC controls. This means you can proactively address inaccurate or outdated Excel spreadsheet data and continue to keep your organization safe — without having to constrain the way EUC applications are used within your organization, and without having to painstakingly sift through large volumes of data.

Spreadsheets are commonplace in this industry. Because of this, it is easy to undervalue the inherent risk of a spread sheets impact.

Todd Roser, Director, Janus Capital Management

With end-user computing risk mitigated, you and your staff can continue to rely on Excel spreadsheets that augment your IT-supported applications — and you can focus your time and energy on more strategic activities. Most importantly, by implementing ClusterSeven’s solutions your organization will not only be able to comply with any internal EUC policies — it’ll be well-placed to respond to regulatory and audit scrutiny in future.

ClusterSeven delivering Certainty

  • Proven delivery track record – all our customers go-live on time, on budget
  • Speed of deployment – we can deploy in 10-15 days based on requirements
  • Referencebility – we have over 30 customers in 20 countries across 5 continents
  • Ease of implementation – we ensure minimal disruption to BAU activity

*EUC stands for end user computing, and is synonymous with end-user developed applications (EUDA), user tools (UT), user applications (UA) and user-developed tools (UDT)

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Taking back control by reducing Spreadsheet Mayhem

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ClusterSeven delivering Certainty

  • Proven delivery track record
  • Speed of deployment
  • Referencebility
  • Ease of implementation

ClusterSeven enables

  • Improved controls
  • Increased visibility
  • Accuracy of reporting