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Webinar: End User Computing Best Practice – The Do’s and The Dont’s

LifeSciences & Healthcare Webinar

25th August 2016

12.00-13.00 EST

End User Computing (EUC) application risk has prevailed ever since the advent of tools such as Access databases, Excel spreadsheets and any other applications that put the design of system-based processes in the hands of the ‘average’ user. Overtime, these tools have become critical to many financial operations and some of their advantages (flexibility, ease of amendment, etc.) have actually started posing risks to the businesses that so heavily rely on them.
Join this webinar to hear how industry best practices can help you to reduce operational, financial, reputational and regulatory risks associated with End User Computing.

Best practices include:
·Developing an EUC / EUDA inventory
·Risk scoring
·Monitoring Change to critical spreadsheets
·Reporting, Audit Control & Evidence

Technology can help mitigate your risk and improve your operational efficiency. Join our complimentary webinar to learn what other organisations are doing in this area and how ClusterSeven can benefit your organisation.