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Spreadsheet Risk and Solvency II

August 6, 2015

For many years the big stick of Solvency II has been waved at insurance firms. After huge expenditure the…

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Spreadsheet management processes will come under the microscope

May 6, 2015

New research suggests that UK financial services leaders expect that their business-critical data will come…

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Solvency II Reappears on the Data Radar

January 17, 2014

The news that Solvency II is back on track surprised many in the insurance community who had considered a…

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ClusterSeven awarded “GRC Value” award in Information and Data Governance

November 5, 2013

ClusterSeven’s Enterprise Spreadsheet Manager (ESM), a data management solution for businesses, audit…

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Tax technology: Spreadsheets, Big Data and tax professionals

October 28, 2013

One business truism rarely discussed, not just amongst tax professionals but the wider business community,…

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Financial services lack proper control of their tax data

May 15, 2013

UK financial services companies could be doing much more to ensure their critical tax data is secure.  …

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Avoiding spreadsheet Hell

April 6, 2013

Spreadsheets are ubiquitous, but they are also a major source of risk, as high-profile examples have shown.…

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Tech City firm storms spreadsheets

March 30, 2013

British firm ClusterSeven has created technology to clean up the world’s spreadsheets and eliminate errors…

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Solutions To Spreadsheet Risk Post JPM’s London Whale

February 19, 2013

The New Statesmen’s tech writer, Alex Hern, asks “Is Excel the most dangerous piece of software in the…

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Spreadsheet risk: The devil is in the data

March 24, 2012

Companies have to accept that spreadsheets need to be used but they must know when and where they are being…

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