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  • Article, January 04, 2017

    Ensuring Data Accuracy in Research Organisations

    By Joe Galletta, Sales Manager, ClusterSeven Recently, it transpired that 20 per cent of academic papers on gene research that are based on data collated in Excel spreadsheets have errors, writes Joe Galtetta. This is an eye-opener. It clearly highlights the extent to which the...

  • Article, December 08, 2016

    The key to Solvency II compliance

    By Henry Umney, VP of Sales, ClusterSeven If you would like to download this in pdf form, please click here. Originally published in Insurance Business.

  • Article, December 06, 2016

    ClusterSeven Annual State of the Spreadsheet 2016: The Spreadsheet is Here to Stay

    Take a look at the results of a recent survey ClusterSeven took of 160 professionals across the financial industry to understand the perception of spreadsheets and End User Computing tools (EUC) within their organizations. We have also published a report which goes into more depth on...

  • Article, November 11, 2016

    Data quality instrumental to financial stress testing programmes

    By Henry Umney, VP of Sales, ClusterSeven Data plays a critical role in the complex process of stress testing, and as most stress tests are conducted wholly or partially via spreadsheet-based models in banks and financial institutions, it’s hardly surprising that the Bank of England’s...

  • Article, November 09, 2016

    Data quality underpins success in stress tests

    When it comes to stress testing, spreadsheets have emerged as a potential source for proliferating bad data, prompting banks to search for other often more automated solutions. By Henry Umney, Vice President of Sales at governance specialist ClusterSeven A recent paper published by the Adam Smith Institute (ASI)...

  • Article, August 02, 2016

    EUC applications: The need for innovation

    1 August 2016 • Source: Henry Umney, VP of Sales, ClusterSeven Henry Umney talks to FX-MM about the need for innovation in End User Computing Applications. Recent news that Marks and Spencer (M&S) inadvertently issued inaccurate company results due to an error in a spreadsheet...